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Here you will find a selection of strange example files for the inquisitive minds. They range from simple to egregiously complex. Please note that we recommend disabling your Grasshopper solver prior to loading the more complex examples. All files assume your Rhino units are set to inches.

Simple PT Beam Example.png

Discover how to add post-tensioning to a beam.

Parametric Arch Bridge Example.png

Build your very own fortified water crossing with this parametric script.

Stair Guardrail Example.png

Hold on tight as this stair handrail changes shape at the drag of a slider.

Simple Solid Beam Example.png

Learn how to create a parametric beam from shells and solids.

Braided Arch Example.png

Generate a complex braided arch using solid pentahedrons.

Perforated Panel Example.png

Investigate the behavior of a perforated panel. Caution, this is a big little model!

Crash Wall Example.png

See how compression-only soil springs are used when modeling a crash barrier.

Parametric High Rise Example.png

Watch as an oddly-shaped high-rise climbs skyward.


Automate gravity member sizing in this basic building example.

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