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Getting Started

1. Verify Your License Key

When you subscribe to Fenix, a license key is generated for you and provided in the license key table located on your 'My Subscriptions' page. If your license key cannot be found, please contact us to verify your subscription and provide a license key.


2. Add Your License Key to Cloud Zoo

You must add your License Key to the Cloud Zoo in order to use Fenix.


Enter the License Key from the table on your 'My Subscriptions' page. Please contact us if you have any errors.


Your License page should update when you have successfully added your license. The number of seats indicted in 'Live Usage' should be equal to the number of active subscriptions that you have of Fenix.


The plugin will perform a license check in the Rhino and Grasshopper environment.

3. Install Fenix via the Rhino Package Manager

Fenix must be installed via the Rhino Package Manager. The package manager can be accessed using the > PackageManager command in the Rhino command window.


Use the search bar to find the Fenix plugin and install the latest version! Please contact us if you have any issues.


4. Review the Documentation

Review the documentation, tutorial videos, or check out the API if you want to develop your own components!

5. Request a Demo

Set up a demo with the developers to learn more about how to use Fenix. We would love to talk to you about your structural engineering needs!

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